BCAPL/ACS Leaders:    1. Mullins, Scott    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    2. Hunter Sr, Melvin    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    3. Alameda, Stan    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    4. Grooms, Mark H    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    5. Martin, Ron    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    6. Dusbabek, Denny    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    7. Mullins Jr, Scotty    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    8. Quintero, Robert    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    9. Szymczak, Gary    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    10. Manseau, John    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    Service Clubs Charity Pool League Leaders:    1. Scott Mullins    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    2. The Mailman    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    3. Scotty Mullins Jr    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    4. Mark Grooms    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    5. John Guillot    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    6. Jan Blais    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    7. Don Olin    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    8. Gene Gregor    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    9. Ron Martin    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    10. Bryson Hunter    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    

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Player's Fees

The APA has come to Mohave county and is starting to put together a league.  APA is the largest amateur pool league.  They are starting leagues in Kingman, Bullhead City, and Lake Havasu City.  Local players can get more information at the Tack Shed on Sunday at Noon.  Before the Sunday tournament.

APA is a match play league using a handicap system that allows players of all levels compete even at the National Level.  The scoring is more complex and players are rated and played based on their rating.  BCAPL created something similar with the USAPL league.  Match play is nice but unlike round robin play you only play one person per night of play.  The APA local rep is Shane Powell, who has played for BCAPL and USAPL, and he can explain the differences on Sunday.

When we started the dual sanctioned league, we looked at all kinds of leagues.  There was an Arizona league out of Phoenix that came to talk to us.  Because most of the money did not go back to the players, we decided to go with developing our own.  With the player run league, you can make changes and decide where 100% of your money goes.  With a for profit league most of the money is held back to pay for the league operators, franchise fees, national promotion, and the national events.  A smaller percentage goes back to the players unless you are one of the ones lucky enough to win.  To compete in the Nationals you have to have won your division and/or a regional event to get to the Nationals.

The rules are different as well so expect some adjustment there.  Soon we could have a whole other night of play with new and different players.  It is exciting to see how pool has grown in this area in the last 15 years.

9' Pool Table, Play for $1.25 per ho  ur

Table Head Plate

The Senior Center on Airway now has a 9' table open for play.  They are asking for a donation of $1.25 per hour to play.  The table was donated and moved just before Christmas, but with all the things going on at that time the table was not available.  Come enjoy a game.  If there is enough interest, a class could be created.  The center provides all kinds of activities for a small donation to keep the community learning, doing, and trying new things.

Several seasons we have had teams that, for one reason or another, could not finish the season.  If this happens with more than one team or there was already a bye there could be a situation, like this season, with multiple byes.  Pictured below is week 30 of this season.  Showing two teams with a bye on the same day.  Players have asked why we just can't drop the byes.  The first thing you notice is that both teams would have been playing at home.  So who would be the home team and where would they play?

Week 30 of the scheduleSo let us look deeper at these two teams.  Every season each team plays two round robins.  A round robin means you play every other team.  We play two so you will play the team once at home and then again at their home.  In week three you can see that the teams Outlaws are playing Corner Pocket at AL 22.  The Outlaws Home.

Week 3 of the schedule

Then in week 18 we see they play each other again.  But, this time it is at Corner Pocket's home VFW 10386.  SO if we dropped the byes then these two teams would play each other three times instead of twice.

Week 18 of the schedule

Hope this helps you understand how the schedule works, especially when there are multiple byes. 

Mark and Debbie have not released official standings because there are two makeup games that need to be played before the standing can be even close to official.  Mark is using standard BCAPL rules for this league but it is not sanctioned.  It also means that the standings are not official until week nine because the BCAPL requires 8 week for a player to qualify.  There is also a bye, so it will take players 9 or more weeks to qualify.

BCAPL/ACS Players: Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  All the officers are back now and the real work can begin.  This week we should have a few players that have made it to the 16 week cutoff for the league.  Only players who have had 16 weeks of play at the end of the season are eligible for awards and prizes.  They are the ones that will appear at the top of the standings.  All others will be marked with last place number until they reach 16 weeks.  Remember we have byes so it will take until week 17 or 18 for most players to get 16 weeks of stats.

There have been a couple issues that the officers for the league have been working on.  First, a couple teams had double scores and this messed up the standings.  BCAPL have corrected this issue and the standings coming out this week should have the corrections.  Second, and a lot harder, was an issue with a player that was listed in the standings 11 times and it showed them playing six weeks ahead in the standings.  We had to work with the BCAPL to remove all score sheets that this played played on.  Then go back and remove them from the team and the system because they were showing three times and every time they played they got three times the score.  After getting them back in the system right, we had to enter their score sheets back in to make the correction.

The third issue is local and we did not have to involve the BCAPL.  We have a team that was on probation for not being reliable.  They missed two more weeks and were given a time limit to make up the games.  This team was not able to make the makeup games so they have been replaced.  The team name will remain the same and the schedule will not change but the players will.  The new players will work on making up the games as well to make everything even and fair.  Please cooperate with these makeup games so we can get the standings to an official point.  With missing games and errors, as well as the 16 week qualifier, the standings can not be official and mean nothing.