BCAPL/ACS Leaders:    1. Mullins, Scott    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    2. Hunter Sr, Melvin    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    3. Alameda, Stan    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    4. Mullins Jr, Scotty    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    5. Martin, Ron    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    6. Olin, Don    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    7. Grooms, Mark H    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    8. Dusbabek, Denny    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    9. Guillot, James    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    10. Szymczak, Gary    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    Service Clubs Charity Pool League Leaders:    1. Scott Mullins    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    2. The Mailman    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    3. Scotty Mullins Jr    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    4. Mark Grooms    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    5. John Guillot    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    6. Jan Blais    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    7. Don Olin    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    8. Gene Gregor    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    9. Ron Martin    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    10. Bryson Hunter    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    


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Player's Fees

Today's Matches

That's Too Bad vs. Soaring Eagles @ AL 22
Marines vs. Jolly Corks @ VFW 10386
Patriots vs. Rack and Roll @ VFW 3516
AL 14 Sons vs. Cow Tippers @ AL 14
B.P.O.E. vs. Bud-Weis-Er @ Elks
Flying Eagles vs. Codgers @ Eagles

The standings have been updated and missing information has been put in.  Poke and hope showed on the team standings but none of their players showed in the player standings.  Those corrections have been made and now all players can see how they are doing.  Sorry to the players of Poke and Hope if they felt left out or abandoned.

As you may have seen there was a team with more weeks than was possible.  The BCAPL reporting system, LeagueSys, can accidentally add a score sheet twice if the internet fails or slows down when you hit the save button.  When this happens we can't tell where it is that the sheet is entered wrong.  We have to get the system administrator to check for us and then go back and take out the doubled score sheet.  This is why the scores were not correct.  Remember, the scores are not official until one game past the half.  And also, that there are makeup games to be played.

Another issue, is with the handicap.  Players playing for the first time should take their first night score divided by four and that becomes their handicap for the first week.  When we have a Casper playing for a missing player, Casper should get the missing players handicap.  If the team has several players that could be missing or it is not possible to tell the missing persons handicap, because they are new or something similar, we use the same rule as for a new player mentioned above.

I hope this clears up the scores and the scoring.  Remember I will be gone for 9 days around Halloween so there will be no update on the website until I return.  And I hope to see all of you on the tables soon.


Several errors were found in last weeks standings.  Mostly, little mistakes like captain's names and charities.  Mark had two standings because he subbed on another team.  Those have been added together and now show him only once in the standings.  This should catch us all up.  If there are any other mistakes, please make a note on this weeks score sheet so it can be corrected.

At the end of the month I will be on vacation, so the standings will also be behind at that time until I can get back and catch them up.  This is why it is so important we make sure and get all corrections done before I have to leave.  Otherwise the could be forgotten by the time I return.

Good Luck and I will see you all on the tables.

So have you heard we lost another team.  BHC Toros, which we postponed the league a week to add to the league, dropped out and made us have to have forfeits.  My vote, don't come back, because you aren't going to make me do extra work again.  Teams with no consideration for what the league does for them should not be allowed to play.  This is not for me to decide but you.  We should place a rule for teams that continually come and go, and there have been a few.  It cost the league in extra packets and reprinted schedules.  And delays our start.

Paul seem to think the league has a big problem, stats.  We have been through a couple secretaries now, and I think both have done a wonderful job.  So this makes it an issue with the website, or me.  Now each season we pay for the website hosting.  We could just turn that off and go back to printed stats.  This would save the league $150 a year.  Or, would it?  The cost of paper and printer ink, copies, or even the gas to run them around.  This is up to you.  This is your league.  Vote at the meeting about this issue.  Answer once and for all Paul's question as to how the league stats should be dispersed.

Remember I will be on vacation in another couple weeks and there will be no one to post to the website.  I will have to catch up when I get back.  Thanks for understanding, this has been and will continue to be a very busy year for me promoting Kingman, Mohave County, and the Son's of the American Legion.

Even though it took six weeks to get the standings posted to the website, the league was up and running months before expected.  Originally, I had said that I would not be able to start the leagues until late October because of my involvement with the Fair.  We still got both leagues started and running early and that is in part thanks to all the people who helped why I was doing other things to help build our community.  The website and several standings had to wait, but now we are all up to date.  Thanks again for all the people who not only said they would help but showed up when needed.