BCAPL/ACS Leaders:    1. Mullins, Scott    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    2. Alameda, Stan    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    3. Grooms, Mark H    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    4. Dusbabek, Denny    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    5. Martin, Ron    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    6. Mullins Jr, Scotty    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    7. Manseau, John    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    8. Szymczak, Gary    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    9. Isrow, Russell    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    10. Manseau Jr, DJ    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    Service Clubs Charity Pool League Leaders:    1. Scott Mullins    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    2. Mark Grooms    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    3. The Mailman    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    4. Don Olin    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    5. Jan Blais    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    6. Scotty Mullins Jr    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    7. Bryson Hunter    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    8. John Guillot    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    9. Gene Gregor    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    10. Ron Martin    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    

Pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal

Player's Fees

Today's Matches

Tony and Jennifer vs. Ernie and Shannon @ Tack Shed
Don and Helen vs. Forfeit @ VFW 10386
Steven and Karen vs. --bye-- @ Cerbat Lanes
Lori and Scott vs. Shane and Jeanie @ Cattle Crossing
Michelle and Karl vs. Roland and Lindsay @ AL 22
Dan and Debbie vs. Mark and Denise @ Cerbat Lanes
Jackie and Scott vs. Ron and Cheryl @ Cattle Crossing
Dora and Ron vs. Dexter and Cathy Jo @ Fireside

Today's Tournaments

Time Out Tavern    Start Time: 8:00 PM    Buy In: $5    House Rules

This years tournament was one of the smallest since the start. Amazing since we spent more time and money marketing this one then the others.  There were quite a few from Kingman, a good little group from Bullhead CIty, and a few from Lake Havasu City.  At the End there was three from Lake Havasu City in the money, one from Kingman, and two from Bullhead City.

With nineteen players we payed six places.  The pauout was as follows: 1st Brian Wolfe $160, 2nd Tyler Fleishman $60, 3rd Anthony Perretta $43, 4th John Jenks $30,  5th Dale Vanhanselaere $15, 6th Scotty Mullins Jr. $15 and $190 went to our charity, Fisher House.  The original pot was also $190 but Mr. Lucky's gave back the greens fees plus $2 per player adding another $133 to the pot bringing the total up to $323. 

Congratulations to Brian, this is the second time in a row he has won this tournament and he let the wold know it when it happened.  After the 8-ball dropped he gave a hoot and hollar they might have heard back in Bullhead City.

Thanks to everyone for making this tournament a success.  One more year at Mr. Lucky's and then we will be back in Kingman for our 10th anniversary.  We a currently looking for sponsors for that event because we will need to rent the Fairgrounds and bring in eight tables we rent from Las Vegas.  We would also like to add $1000 for the players.  If you are interested in sponsoring this event please call (928) 692-0739.

Below we have a time lapse video of on of the later matches between the winner, Brian Wolfe, and the 3rd place winner. Anthony Perretta, as well as some photos from the event.


IMG 0359

IMG 0577

IMG 0596

IMG 0716


Mark will be having the End of Season awards and a tournament at the Tack Shed this Saturday.  You can see the final standings by clicking here!  Look for this league to start again in August/September after the Nationals in Las Vegas.

We really didn't want to give an extension but were left no choice.  Shawn is still learning to deal with BCAPL's software and this is one of the worst parts of the job.  I am unable to help because of an American Legion function.  So it will have to wait for next week.  If you don't know what we are talking about, let me help you out.  The BCAPL year runs from June 1st to May 31st and sanction fees were due on June 1st.  The league rules gives us three weeks to pay in full.  About half have paid but we will narrow it down and find the rest.  See you on the tables.

Because of conflicts, the End of Season Tournament and Banquet have been moved to July 16th and 17th and the Elks Lodge.  The Tournament will run most of the day Saturday so get there as soon as they open to get your practice time in.  Dinner will begin at 5:00 PM Sunday with the Awards to follow.  After the awards we will have a meeting for the next season.  So think of changes. 

The one rule that messes up everything I do is the player having to play in the first half of the season.  This only limits players and we are a charity and the more players we have the more we donate.  I have to travel 4 times a year just for the American Legion, twice more for Nationals and all this does is make me have to find players that have been devoted enough to play more that a couple times a year.  We average 50 players a week with almost that same amount of also ran players.  Lots of these only sub in their own house or for only one team.  And as we proved with last year standings this rule does not change who wins in teams or in players.  We had 7 teams last year that player someone they were not supposed to.  And it came to about 14 players scores that were erased to comply with the rule.  Not a single team moved in the rankings and only two players, 20th and 40th moved down a place.

Thanks and I'll see you on the tables.

Week 13 was updated on the site today.  The last games were played this week so the site update only shows week 13.  The 14th week standing will be handed out at the End of Season.  If we get them sooner, they will be up on the site.

The End of Season Tournament, Banquet, awards will all be held at Tack Shed at 1:00 PM on July 9th.