BCAPL/ACS Leaders:    1. Mullins, Scott    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    2. Hunter Sr, Melvin    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    3. Alameda, Stan    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    4. Mullins Jr, Scotty    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    5. Martin, Ron    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    6. Olin, Don    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    7. Grooms, Mark H    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    8. Dusbabek, Denny    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    9. Guillot, James    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    10. Szymczak, Gary    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    Service Clubs Charity Pool League Leaders:    1. Scott Mullins    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    2. The Mailman    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    3. Scotty Mullins Jr    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    4. Mark Grooms    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    5. John Guillot    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    6. Jan Blais    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    7. Don Olin    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    8. Gene Gregor    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    9. Ron Martin    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    10. Bryson Hunter    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    


Pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal

Player's Fees

Today's Matches

That's Too Bad vs. Soaring Eagles @ AL 22
Marines vs. Jolly Corks @ VFW 10386
Patriots vs. Rack and Roll @ VFW 3516
AL 14 Sons vs. Cow Tippers @ AL 14
B.P.O.E. vs. Bud-Weis-Er @ Elks
Flying Eagles vs. Codgers @ Eagles

You may have heard that we lost another team.  The BHC Toros have now dropped out of the league.  This is both teams from Bullhead quitting on us in the first few weeks and messing up the schedule.  We need to look at a way to stop this.  All these changes in the schedule are confusing the players and updated info is not available in print.  If we had to print all these changes we would go bankrupt in paper and ink cost.

Until I hear otherwise, I will mark them with Forfeit.  With all the changes to the schedule make sure and check the website often so you can have the most up to date info.

If you didn;t know, you do now.  The sanction dues were due June 1st and all players have had plenty of chance to catch up the $25.  Week three of the season is our deadline.  Do not lose your money and your place in the league.  Make sure your dues are paid.

If your confused by now don't feel bad, me too.  We have had teams come and go in the first few weeks and the weeks up to the start of the league.  Now we have another change.  Karen's team will now be back on the schedule playing out of AL 14.  The schedule has been changed and the two games they missed will be rescheduled.  One of these games has already been scheduled.  In this way they will not have two forfeits and will be allowed to continue to play until they forfeit three times.  There are Caspers to be played 3 times per season in case they are missing players.

Also, the standings have been fixed and updated on the website.  We are still working on Sanction Fees.  Because of the missing matches, the standings are unofficial.  Please let us know of any errors as Jackie is still learning and we might have missed a couple things.  Thanks and I'll see you on the tables.

You may have noticed that the standings were a couple weeks late.  This is a combination of factors.  One, as I have said before, I had little time during the Fair and did not expect to start until October.  Two, I had to train a new secretary.  Jackie did catch on quickly and got us back on track.  Third, captains did not include the last names of players old or new.  This is bad enough for me, I can remember some of them, but can you image how a new person like Jackie felt.  Four, last season was split down the middle for sanctions and BCAPL software did not let us enter sanction fees paid before June 1st, and even a little after that because of Nationals.  So the people that have paid sanction fees is still being worked on.  Five, waiting for an envelope with scores in it.

The charity league is even farther behind.

The standings are not correct.  I need to alter the sorting for percentage of points as we have agreed in the meeting.  This will be out next week, but at least for now you will have some kind of standings.

There is a new menu item for team contacts and shows captain contact info in case you need to reschedule or have an emergency.

I will be leaving at the end of October for a vacation and will be gone for several weeks.  During this time there will be no standings updates on the website.  Mark will still pick up, and Jackie will report them to BCAPL, but I will not be there for the deposit or to put the standings on the website.  As usual the Pool Players will be first thing on my list as I return and I will try to get them out as soon as possible.

I am looking at printing a magazine once a month to put all league scores in as well as to have copies for the people who do not believe in the internet.  If you think this is a good idea or bad let one of the officers in any league know and they will forward on your concerns.  Thanks for your patients in this very trying time.

Even though I am the Chair of the Fair and I told both leagues that we would have to wait until October to start,  Charity started on time and Tuesday night is only going to be a week later than people asked.  The only real problem is the Fair Website suffered.  This was not just because of leagues though.  Medical and Transportation issues have made it near impossible for me to get anything done.

The schedule will be posted tonight and packets should be finished tomorrow after work.  If there are any problems with the schedule get a hold of someone from the league contact page.

Each packet should contain:

Full Schedule (For Reference)

5 Team Schedules (Captains give these to your team players)

1 Location Schedules (Captains Give This to Your Home Location so they can schedule)

2 Rules (Make sure all members read and know the rules, first rule is to know the rules)

20 Envelopes

20 Score Sheets

This should be more than enough for the 30 week season as only the home team captain turns in score sheets and envelopes.  This should leave about 5 envelopes and score sheets for mistakes and the times when the Home Captain forgets their packets.  If the visiting team would like to keep score to verify the home teams sheet they will have to get copies or print more off the website from the score sheet menu item.

Good Luck, I hope I get the time this season to see you on the tables.


You may have noticed the new schedule has been post for a couple days.  The packets are printed and will be delivered this week for Friday's start.  Helen, the new President, will be delivering the packets so if you need a special pick up you can talk to her.  Inside each packet will be this note with all instructions for the captain as well as these items:

5 Team Schedules (For your players)

Location Schedule (Please give to the clubs for scheduling)

Full Schedule

Two Copies of the Rules

26 Score Sheets

26 Envelopes

This season is 26 weeks long with no byes.  PLEASE get First and Last Name of all Players!

There are new rules, Make sure you and your Co-Captain have read and understand them before we start.

Good Luck and lets raise lots of money for charity.