BCAPL/ACS Leaders:    1. Mullins, Scott    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    2. Hunter Sr, Melvin    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    3. Alameda, Stan    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    4. Mullins Jr, Scotty    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    5. Martin, Ron    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    6. Olin, Don    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    7. Grooms, Mark H    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    8. Dusbabek, Denny    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    9. Guillot, James    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    10. Szymczak, Gary    Billiard Congress of America Players League and American Cuesports International    Service Clubs Charity Pool League Leaders:    1. Scott Mullins    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    2. The Mailman    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    3. Scotty Mullins Jr    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    4. Mark Grooms    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    5. John Guillot    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    6. Jan Blais    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    7. Don Olin    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    8. Gene Gregor    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    9. Ron Martin    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    10. Bryson Hunter    Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman    


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Player's Fees

Today's Matches

That's Too Bad vs. Patriots @ AL 22
AL 14 Sons vs. Marines @ AL 14
B.P.O.E. vs. Soaring Eagles @ Elks
Flying Eagles vs. Jolly Corks @ Eagles
Codgers vs. Rack and Roll @ VFW 10386
Bud-Weis-Er vs. Cow Tippers @ VFW 3516

Mark has set the date for the end of season tournament and awards.  It will be Saturday May 6th.  Signups will be at 11AM with the tournament stating at Noon.  Where?  The Sundowner.  In case you hadn't heard, there is also a tournament at The Sundowner on Sundays at Noon.  This tournament has $100 added and you can get a free entry if you enter the tournament on Saturday at the Cattle Crossing in Golden Valley at 2PM.

Just in time for the End of Season, the site has a new look.  Easter has extended our End of Season to the 22nd.  The Sundowner is the place this season.  We had to play several games there at the end of the season because of the move and conflicts, and they offered up their tables for free.  We will start taking signups for the tournament at 10 AM Saturday the 22nd.  Start the tournament at 11 AM.  Lunch and Awards starting at Noon.  In case you do not know the Sundowner, because it just opened, it was called Monkeybutz or BJ's Montana the last time we played there.  It has taken back the name I remember as a kid, Sundowner.

BCAPL Team Standings  BCAPL Player Standings

I know many of you have been patiently waiting while I was out sick, Jackie was on vacation, and then the Service Clubs Charity Pool League end of season.  While waiting for this weeks stats, missing envelope, I thought I would at least give you a glimpse of the real standings.  These are not official ask they do not include this weeks and I believe there are still makeup games out there.  But this will at least give you an idea of where you stand.

The deadline to sign up for ACS Nationals is in two days, 4/3/2017.  If you would like to go, the league pays for two entries a year and the ACS gives us a free entry every year.  Get in touch with one of the officers for more information.

Player Standings

Team Standings

This last weekend the Service Clubs Charity Pool League of Kingman (SCCPL) had their end of season banquet and All-Star Tournament.  Twice a year the SCCPL ends their league season with a tournament for the players and and awards banquet.  Each week players donate $5 every Friday Night plus $0.25 per foul.  This money goes to support a charity of each teams choosing.  Over the last 15 years, the charity has given away over $100,000.  Charities like HALT, Mutt Matchers, Special Olympics, Root Outlet, Fisher House and other Veteran organizations are picked by each team to receive the award at the end of the season.  Teams and players receive a free dinner at the banquet if they played at least six weeks, a chance to win a trophy and a little cash at the tournament, and awards for all they did that season.
First place was won by the AL 14 Sons, a team from the American Legion Post 14, and their donation was given to Fisher House.  The top shooter was Scott Mullins. For top female shooter they have a special award called the Annie Oakley award.  This season won by Helen Hutchins.  Other awards include, but are not limited to, Male Sportsmanship - Rick "The Mailman" Brannies; Female Sportsmanship - Tina Williams; Chris Bond - Most Improved - +17.88% Improvement; Bryson Hunter - Rookie of the Year - 75.00%; John Guillot - Most Frugal (least fouls); Sandy Burtlow - Most Generous (most fouls).
The All-Star Tournament was won by Paul Ashelford.  Second place went to Ron Martin, and third was Stan Alemeda.
This season the festivities were at the Eagles, but the league moves it every season to give the private clubs a chance to make some money for their charities as well.  The league has grown so much that more private clubs need to be added for more places to play.  If you are interested in joining the league, having the league play in your service club, or just need more information http://www.KingmanPoolPlayers.com/sccpl-contacts has contact information for the charities officers and directors.

tournament playAll-Star Tournament WinnerSportmanship AwardWinning Team

Mark has informed me that he has contacted all captains about the issues we are having with the team drops this season.  It has been voted on and decided that the league will end at the half way point.  That is 4/10/2017.  This is the date of the last games for the Scotch Doubles league.  This will let us start again and reset the schedule rather then having to deal with all the byes and forfeits.  This leaves a lot of players out every week and we all wan to play.  The schedule has been changed with teams moving and the new end of schedule.  Please check to make sure you know where you are playing.  As soon as we have and end of season date and place we will post it for the players.